Today was Emely's sixteenth birthday. Emely and I cleaned the house and then she had some friends over for dinner. For desert we had these super cute delicious little cupcakes.


Today I went into Stockholm with my uncle for the day. We had a super yummy lunch and then I did a little bit of shopping (Emely's 16th tomorrow). It was super busy because of the sales after Christmas, still good though!
Then I went back to my uncles house for dinner.


Yesterday Emely and I went to the movie and saw 'Life of Pi' or as they call it in Sweden 'Berättelsen om Pi' in 3D. It was super good!
Today the family and I are going to one of there old friends houses for dinner.

Christmas time!

This morning just before the family and I went into the hospital to give the kids in there Christmas presents. Made my day just to see there faces light up!
This <3
Photo player from mum witn tons of photos, was the best!


In Lund! Today I caught the train at 10.21 from Strängnäs to Flemingsberg and then from Flemingsberg till Lund. The train was late as usual, i ended up getting to Lund about 15.50. My auntie picked me up and then we went into town and saw all of the pretty Christmas lights. We then went back to her apartment where we had dinner with my cousins and her. Was super nice.


On the bus with Hanna after a three hour session at the gym. Legs are completely dead and I don't think I will be able to walk tomorrow. Weow! Aiming for that body I've always wanted.

Lund tomorrow, super keen!

Just over four months

Today we had an activities day at school. We finished at 2.30pm so then Ella, Hanna, Celine and I went into town. Celine got her hair but. It looks great! Then we all went to Ella's house and drank hot chocolate with a truckload of marshmallows. So yum! Now I am at home and watching Madagascar three. Love it! Tomorrow we just have another activities day and then on Wednesday we have sports day and then on Thursday I am going to Lund. So excited!

A wicked as mask I found at Ella's house. Decided I would be superwoman.


On Thursday I had the year nine dance. It was pretty fun!
Sneaky selfies in Ella's room.
Back of the dress.
Three more days of school left until I am catching the train to Lund to see the family. Super excited! Only down side is the five hour train trip.

Dance tomorrow

Some pretty pictures I took in the past week. Tomorrow I will hopefully be uploading loads is pictures of the dance.

Tuesday, 11th of December

Today we had dance practice at school from 12.30 until 3.15pm because on Thursday we have our year nine dance! After we had finished dance practice Hanna and I went to Lindex to but some skin coloured stockings for our outfits on Thursday. We then went to a little cafe called Princent or something like that.


Yesterday Ella, Celine, Josefine, Line and I went into Stockholm to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. We were supposed to catch the at 10.21am, then the train got cancelled, so a bus came instead but didn't get there until two hours later. The bus then took two and a half hours to get into Stockholm when the train only takes fifty minutes. Once we finally got there we did a little bit of shopping and then the train home also got cancelled so we had to catch a bus home again. It was a very eventful day but still good.
Ella and I super happy when the  bus finally came .
Beautiful Christmas lights in Stockholm.
Yummy chai latte.

Saturday night

Today I had aikido grading. I moved up a level! It was super scary. After grading I went to a resturant in Eskilstuna for dinner. It was suuper yum.
Tomorrow is christmas shopping in Stockholm with the friends. So excited! Hoping that the train doesn't get cancelled though, because the last few days there has been lots of problems with the trains and buses because of how much snow there is. Fingers crossed.
Here is heaps of fresh vegestables, seafood, and meat. You got to choose the stuff you wanted to have and then  give it to the chef and he would cook it for you. I thought it was super cool.
Sushi <3
For desert there was lots of different types of fruit and things. I chose peaches, fried banana with a syrup on top and ice-cream.

Last couple of days

Ella <3
One piece.
Me in the snow, -14 degrees celcius yesterday!
Christmas shopping on Sunday in Stockholm with the friends. Will be uploading photos!


Today I spent the day at my cousins house. We went to a little Christmas market and ate these little yellow buns that are a classic Sweden bun at Christmas time.
The other picture is of my dinner.

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