Dagens outfit

Another one of my new tops from Cubas. I think it's super pretty. Finished early again so I went to Josefines house wth Hanna and Ella because we have to write and perform a song in music and we haven't even finished writing the song. It's getting there though.. Then Hanna, Ella and I went to the gym. I went on the cross trainer for ten minutes s a little warm up and then Hanna and I did a fifty-five minute session of spinning(bikes) which was fun and good excercise. Note to self next time though, do not forget your shoes when youwill be doing a fifty-five minute session on a bike.
Just talked to mum on the phone and realised that my two little brothers are starting school again today after their summer holidays, Carl is starting highschool, hah.
For any readers from Australia the header just said 'Todays outfit'.

Kommentar av: Sara

Hi, where in the au are u from? :D

2013-02-02 | 19:06:11

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