Me, Hanna, Ella, Josefine, Ebba (Line took the photo)

Yesterday as you all know my friends and I went to GronaLund, on the way there we stopped and had lunch in a beautiful spot in Stockholm. As you can see in the pictures it is such a gorgeous spot in the spring and does attract a lot of people. This time of year everyone that goes to Stockholm posts pictures of these flowers on Instagram pretty much so you know it is spring when you see them.


1960s themed party


My full 60s outfit, I am not sure where the dress came from because I got it as a gift, the shoes were Ingrid’s, and the headband was from accessories, that I do know. I thought I pulled off the 60s look alright. What do you think? I wasn’t alive then so I’m not too sure but I think it was close.


On to the actually party, the party started around 6.30pm, we got served 60s food around 7.30pm, after dinner people held speeches for Kirsti and we watched some very touching power points. At about 10.00pm the band came and with that everyone started dancing and really got the party started. Was a great night and was fun meeting so many new people, there were quite a few people from Norway there as well because Kirsti is from Norway, was a bit of a challenge understanding them but it worked.


2nd of May



So it’s already May! I can’t believe it! Only one month left until I finish school and only two months until I will be flying back to Australia! Omg time flies!

Today was just a normal Thursday except we got to finish an hour early because all of the teachers had a meeting or something like that so Hanna and I headed off to the gym for a good session. When we had done our gym session we went into town and bought some strawberries, I love strawberries and I am so happy that they are back in season!

Tomorrow is Friday, so excited for the weekend! Kirsti is having her 50th birthday and everyone will be dressing up in the 1960s theme. I will be wearing a cute 1960s dress with a spotty headband with curly hair, hopefully I will be looking like a 60s girl.

jeans Dr Denium, top Gina Tricore, necklace Lindex
I would love to know what you guys think of all of the outfits I put together?



Top Bik Bok, jeans Dr Denim, shoes Primark

So yesterday it was the day of a Swedish tradition called ‘valborg’. Everyone pretty much gathers around a huge fire and welcomes the spring, well at least that’s what I got told. Ella, Josefine, Hanna and I had a yummy dinner at Ella’s house, then played a bit of singstar and then went into town to look at the fire. We then came home and watched a movie and ate dessert, very cosy night.


'life's a climb but the view is great'

made it to the top!

Today I started school at 11:45, my first class was sport. Today we were practising using compasses, we had to pick a spot and then try to make your way there, Ella and I made it quite easily which was good.

I have really sore legs and a really sore bum from my training yesterday, it hurts to sit down! I guess the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ has some truth. At the moment I’m watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ as I always do on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

Friday to Sunday

^^ This was supposed to be a picture of my gorgeous friend Hanna but she thought it was ugly so I was't allowed to post it, so I guess you're just stuck with me.

Friday- After school I went to Ella’s house, we watched ‘The Hunger Games’ while we ate toasted sandwiches for dinner and then ate melon and grapes dipped in melted chocolate for desert, was so delicious! After dinner we went for a walk with her dog Alice around the block, the weather was perfect.


Saturday- I just relaxed around home for most of the day and then I met up with Hanna and we ate sushi for dinner in town, as you all know I love sushi. After Hanna and I had sushi we came back to my place and watched a movie called ‘Pitch Perfect’, is a very new movie and I really love it, makes you just want to get up and sing and dance! Oh and if you have seen it you would have fallen in love with the character ‘fat Amy’, her character is hilarious! Then after the movie Hanna had to catch the bus home because she had golf today early in the morning.


Today I have just been doing some chores, cleaned my room, did the laundry, and stuff like that, that needs to get done on the weekend. After I was finished with my chores I went to the gym for a session of ‘Body Pump’ with Karin, as usual my body is a little dead. I made tacos for dinner which were yummy and then I have just been relaxing. I don’t start school tomorrow until 11:45 because my class has national tests again. Good for me though I guess, sleep in! I hope everyone has had a great weekend, xo


dagens outfit


Det har var dagens outfit, tröjan från Lindex, halsbandet från Lindex, och jeans från Carlings (Dr Denium)

Igår gick jag inte till skolan för att dem hade NP så behövde jag inte komma, jätte skönt. Jag gjorde typ ingenting. Idag var jag i skolan igen, efter skolan jag, Hanna, Josefine och Ella var hos Ella och åt glass och pluggade. Imorgon ska jag till Ella efter skolan och titta på film och äter godis, hoppas det blir jätte mysigt.

Mitt första inlägg på svenska gick okej, inte så många fel. Jag blev glad när nån rättade mig, jag vet nu var jag göra fel på så det skulle var jätte snällt om ni gjorde det igen.

Jag tänkte kanske börja skriva på svenska varje gång och sen skriva det på engelska under så dem som kan inte svenska kan läsa det. Var tycker ni om det? Tycker ni att min svenska är okej?


Yesterday I didn’t go to school because my class had national tests and I don’t need to do them so it was a day off for me, it was so relaxing! Today I went to school again, after school Hanna, Josefine and Ella went to Ella’s house and ate some ice-cream outside in the sun while we studied. I also got some freckles because it was so warm! Now it really is starting to feel like summer is on the way. Tomorrow after school I am going to Ella’s house, we will be hiring a good movie and eating candy and just relaxing after a long week of school.

I was just wondering what you guys thought of me writing in Swedish? Did you think it was cool? What did you think? I would love to know.

våren är här


Okej så min kompis Ella vill att jag ska skriva an inlägg på svenska, jag ska försöka att skriva rätt men jag är inte perfekt på svenska ens.  Efter skolan idag jag och Ella tog lite bilder, det var jätte soligt och fint ute så det var därför. Du ser att allt snö äntligen har smältigt och blommona börja kommer växa igen.  Jag älskar det har vädret!

I Hk idag vi lagade mat, min grupp (jag, Ella och Josefine) gjorde rakor grej på rostad bröd med citron, wokade grönsaker med kyckling i hemgjorda wraps, och vanilj muffins med hallon och grädde på, allt smakade så himla gott.

Om ni ser att jag har stavat nåt fel eller nånting kan ni snälla komentera det, jag vill bara blir bättre på svenska.




Celine, Me, Amina

On Saturday Celine, Amina, Line, Josefine and I went into Eskilstuna to do some birthday shopping for Ella and Hanna. The weather was amazing, when we all sat down for afternoon tea we were regretting that we hadn’t worn shorts, can you believe it?!

As you can see all five of us decided to go for a chocolate muffin, they were super yummy!

party outfit

converse, jacket from VeraModa, dress from Karin's wardrobe

This was my party outfit that I wore when I went to Hanna’s to celebrate her 16th as well as Ella’s 16th birthday. We just had a girl’s night. I will upload some photos later on.

At the moment I’m home from school sick, ooch. All I have done today really is just relaxed in bed, the best feeling ever knowing you don’t need to get up. Although I will get on to some of my homework after this. I have to write a five minute speech in Swedish and present it in front of my group on Thursday and I have got quite a lot to go. So nervous! Time to get started I guess.

This was my party outfit that I wore when I went to Hanna’s to celebrate her 16th as well as Ella’s 16th birthday. We just had a girl’s night. I will upload some photos later on.

At the moment I’m home from school sick, ooch. All I have done today really is just relaxed in bed, the best feeling ever knowing you don’t need to get up. Although I will get on to some of my homework after this. I have to write a five minute speech in Swedish and present it in front of my group on Thursday and I have got quite a lot to go. So nervous! Time to get started I guess.



As you all know every morning for breakfast I make myself a raspberry smoothie. All I have in my smoothie is vanilla yogurt, raspberries and a banana. It is so good in the mornings when you are in a hurry to school because it only takes about 5 minutes to put together and drink, and is healthy, I love to sleep in but I cannot go to school without having eaten breakfast so it’s a win, win.

fika med Josefine


A very short day at school again today, I just had three classes. After school Josefine came over to my house and we made some pancakes for afternoon tea and then finished off our sports assignment.

For those of you who can't read swedish the heading said 'afternoon tea with Josefine'.


top from Primark, jeans from Cubas 
Photos taken by Josefine Eklund.

no pain, no gain


Hit the gym again today with Hanna. We did a twenty minute session on the cross-trainer with the setting rolling hills, and then as you can see in the pictures we did some weights as well (after taking all of our pictures).

Today I didn’t start school until twelve because all of the others had national tests and I don’t have to do them which led to a well appreciated sleep in, I will also be having a sleep in tomorrow morning because they have national tests again, lucky me!

At the moment I am watching ‘The Biggest Loser’, I don’t know why but I really enjoy watching it. The best thing about the show is when you get to see them all in the end after they have lost tons of weight, like I always say, inspirational.

lazy Sunday


Another lazy day for me, didn’t end up getting out of bed until about eleven then had a smoothie for breakfast as usual. After breakfast I decided to do some baking and made a ‘kladdkaka’ (I’m not sure what it’s called in English). Which was a bit of a challenge because we didn’t have any eggs left, I made it anyway but with a different recipe that didn’t need eggs, although it did not taste nearly as good as it normally does which was quite sad.

summer outfit


I know it’s not summer yet but I am so excited for it that I decided to give you a summer outfit that I found on ‘we heart it’.

The app isn’t working at the moment so that is why I haven’t blogged for the last couple of days. I now have to open my laptop and blog instead of just doing it from my phone. I hope it starts working again, it is so much easier from my phone.

Anyway, I haven’t really done much so far on the weekend. After school on Friday I went to the gym for another Body Pump session, just as dead as always afterwards though. Ingrid and her friend Emma were also at the gym, when we were done we decided to get sushi for dinner which was delicious, I could easily live off sushi! Today I have just relaxed really and skyped the family. I can’t believe it’s only about three months until I will be going home, it has gone so fast!

things I love/like


So I decided to do a 'things I like/love' piece so you guys would get to know me better. So here goes..

I love...

sock buns, water fights in the summer, colours, fruit, light blue torn jeans, peplum tops, painting my nails, dressing up, studs, starbucks coffee, travelling and exploring the world, summer shoes, my friends, nutella, the spring, my bed, make-up, people who are unique and don’t care what anyone else thinks, food, the saying ‘Hakuna Matata’, big princess dresses, music, converse, gossip girl, sunglasses, girls nights.

These are just a few things I like; I could go on all night if I were to write down all the things I like.

What do you guys think of me doing a ‘things I don’t like’ post? Would you be interested?


My Tuesday

Jeans from Carlings, top from New Yorker, Necklace from Ur & Penn
Ella, Hanna and my afternoon tea.

Today was the first day this year that I rode my bike to school. So nice to be able to ride my bike to school again, it’s so much faster! And now I don’t need to go sliding everywhere on the ice or get stuck in the snow. Ella didn’t have her bike today so I gave her a ride on my bike. It went alright but we did go a little bit off road a couple of times though.

After school Ella, Hanna and I went to Ella’s house for afternoon tea before our gym session. We had these delicious smoothies that you can see in the picture above. In the smoothie we had raspberries and vanilla yogurt, added the kiwi and raspberries on top to make it look a little better for the photo. Today at the gym Ella, Hanna and I all did a twenty minute session on the cross trainer (absolutely kills your legs) and then were in the ‘relax room’ for a bit and trained a bit more. Didn’t train so long today because we didn’t have time, Hanna had to catch the bus and Ella had to be home by 17.30. Although I do have very sore arms and legs from my Body Pump session yesterday, actually feels good to be a little sore because then you know you have trained hard.

At the moment I am watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ again, inspiration!

Monday 8th of April

I can fly! haha (don't mind my face in thic picture)
So this is what I wore today, my new top from Bik Bok. It was perfect to wear with todays weather because it wasn't super warm today.
At the moment I'm just getting ready for the gym, doing a 'Body Pump' session which should be good.


This is me, Moa and Vendela.
This was delicious.
These are all of the girls who came for Karins birthday dinner which was before the party. Anna, Anna, Fanny, Moa, Me, and Vendala. They were all super nice and chatty. At about nine/ten everyone else started coming and the party got started, was a great night!

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