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Picture taken at my year 9 dinner which was also taken by Celine, thought that I needed a new header for the summer! What do you think of the new design? Better than my old one?


Sitting outside eating lunch and realizing that I haven't posted anything for ages.. again.. I was going to wait until I had access to a computer but it has been far too long. So here I am sitting in mums friends garden blogging from my phone.
If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen this photo so I'm sorry it's just hard to upload lots of photos when I'm on my phone.
Okay so on Wednesday mums friends family and my family headed of to a theme park called 'Liseberg' was one of the best days I've had in a long time! Went on all of the scary rides, went in the highest freefall in Europe (147m) high I think it was.. Scary!!


I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted anything in the last couple of days I've just been so busy! I have been reunited with my family again! Feels so strange to have them around all of the time again but is also so good. On Monday we slept over at one of mums friends houses in Uppsala, yesterday we slept over at a beautiful little ocean town (see pictures down below). Today we will be going to a theme park with loads of scary rides which will be so fun!! We are going with another one of mums friends which we are also sleeping over at her house for two nights. I will keep you guys updated as much as possible!


pictures from left to right
1, ice-cream that I bought and ate with the family yesterday// 2, my outfit from Friday, was wearing my cute as shorts that I bought from H&M// 3, my last day of school dress from VeraModa// 4, the girls and I at our year 9 dinner// 5, my gorgeous cousin at her ball// 6, me posing on one of the highest places in Strangnas// 7, just a casual selfie// 8, my amazing Emma jeans (haven't actually worn them yet but i will soon!)// 9, random outfit picture, was wearing my new top from Bik Bok
10, Victoria Secret perfume I got from Karin when she came back from Greece// 11, favourite shorts and a delicious mango smoothie, picture taken when I was in Oslo, Norway// 12, my countdown to how many days unitl I am back in Australia (only 24 left!!!) 13, the girls and I on our way to the train station after our trip to GronaLund// 14, the girls and I on a super pretty street in Stockholm// 15, the girls and I when we met the one and only Zara Larsson at GronaLund// 16, delicious waffles i made// 17, my usual breakfast smoothie// 18, one of my beautiful best friends Hanna
19, another selfie// 20, my favourite ice-cream// 21, another outfit picture// 22, same outfit picture nearly// 23, Celine, Amina and I at a little cafe in Eskiltuna// 24, me before Hannas 16th birthday party// 25, chocolate!!// 26, yet another selfie// 27, strawberries in a cute heart container
28, smooooothies at Ellas house// 29, me just being my normal self// 30, All of Karins friends at her birthday dinner// 31,afternoon tea// 32, couple of pretty things I bought from my trip to Lund and Denmark// 33, Toves nailpolish collection// 34, a cafe I found in Denmark named after me// 35, candyyy// 36, outfit pictures
So these are all of my latest updates to instagram, you should check it out #emmachristinagarrett (make sure to follow me)

perfect summer day

Another perfect day, Hanna slept over at my place and we didn't end up getting it of be until like 11.00. Then Josefine came over and we watched the rest of the movie 'Hairspray'. Ella, Josefine, Hanna and I then rode our bikes into town and had lunch at a restaurant called Thai Garden that had a great view of the harbor. After lunch we met up with Line and had a bit of a tanning session (I have actually gotten a little bit browner!) Then we met up with Martina, Filip and Ekblomb and went swimming! Fun but still quite cold.
Now I am at Hanna's house with the girls, we will be tenting for the night. I'm going to be so tired tomorrow!



Yesterday was my last day at school, ever in Sweden! It is actually so sad, I never thought that I would actually miss going to school. Well yesterday was a great day, after school a lot of us got together and went into town to buy ice- cream as we all got a voucher. Then we went to Lucas house and relaxed there for a while. Then at night quite a few from the class got together again and we ended up at my house watching the movie ‘ego’, one of my favourite Swedish movies. All in all was pretty much a perfect day, sad to say goodbye to so many amazing people but a great day. Going to miss everyone SOO much! Thanks for an AMAZING year!!!


Skolavslutning outfit

dress VeraModa, shoes Australia
The perfect white dress for the last day of school with my amazing class.

year 9 dinner

Josefine, Ebba, Me, Celine and Line

Today we had our year 9 dinner it was a great night. Everyone looked gorgeous in their summer dresses. It is finally starting to feel like it really is going to end soon. I am so excited to finish and go back to my life in Australia but also very sad because I have to leave so many amazing people over hear behind.

Well I am going to be up nice and early tomorrow (6.00am) because we will be paddling with school and we must be at school at 7.15am, everyone will be walking around like zombies tomorrow, usch.

9A and 9B
picture taken by Celine (


picture taken by my friend Ebba, you should take a look at her blog,
picture taken by my friend Viktoria, take a look at her tumblr
Everyone after our round of paintball. Was so fun but so scary! Quite a few ended up with bruises but luckily I didn't even get hit.
Me and Hanna, sneaky photo taken by Josefine, she also has a great instagram (josefinejulia)

Yesterday my class (9B) and I went on a trip for a paintball session which was so much fun! Then we all had pizza for lunch and then just sat around and relaxed for a while.

After our paintball day out the whole class then re-grouped at Amina’s house for a BBQ dinner and then a few stayed over and tented in her backyard for the night which turned out to be super cosy.

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