Finally Friday

Today was freezing! And there was snow today! Only a little bit but it was still super cool, and it's only Autumn.
Doing a little bit of nails whilst eating kladdkaka and drinking tea. Super cosy!


This is one of my friends in Sweden, Josefine.

Weekend shop

A little shopping trip I did on the weekend with Emely and the family.
I got the top from lager 157 for 80kronor.

I got the winter boots from an online store La Redout for 399 kronor.


On the weekend the family and I went up to Västervik for the weekend.
We ate lots of food as you can see !
But it was still loads of fun !

Car trip!

Car trip with Emely, Oscar, Lotta and Magnus. Going up to Västervik for the weekend to catch up with some old friends.


Yesterday Celina, Hanna, Ebba and I went in to town to do a little bit of shopping. I bought a lot of nice things. I bought two cute, purple little candle holders for 10 kronor each, 150 pack of bobby pins for 10 kronor, an eyelash curler for 10 kronor, and a pack of hair ties for 10 kronor, from a shop called In & Finn.
I picked up two amazing necklaces from Veremoda for 10 kronor each when they were 200 kronor not on sale!
The dress I got was from Bik & Bok for 99 kronor on sale!
The scarf was from Monkey which was also on sale (50%) off for 90 kronor.
The last thing I got was a brown leather bag for 299 kronor.

Food with friends

After school Ebba, Celine, Hanna and I went in to Eskilstuna for a little bit of shopping. After the train was cancelled we ended up catching the bus which took 45 minutes or so instead of 12 minutes which didn't lighten the mood much so we decided to spoil ourselfs with a very nice meal of a delicious chicken, mozzarella and sweet chilli toastie with a nice warm cappuccino!

My room

This is my room in Sweden. I absolutely love it ! When I got here the room wasn't even painted so I got to choose everything. On the first weekend we chose the wallpaper. After we did that we set up the room as you can see.
This is the bed set we ordered to match my wallpaper.
 A few little places in my room.
More cosy, cute, little places in my room. The fluffy little toys are from two of my friends, they gave them to me when I had my little going away dinner before I went to Sweden as an exchange student for 10 months. They are super cute!


Yesterday Celine, Hanna and I went to the Marknaden it was super fun ! The 'No Limit' ride Celine and I went on though was SUPER scary !
We also went again that night with Emely and Love as well and then Emely, Celine and I went on another ride called 'Extreme Fly' which was super fun too.
The lollies were amazing !

About me

Hey I'm Emma, I am fourteen years old. I come from Australia but I am currently in Sweden as an exchange student. I love to shop and I also love my friends and family <3. To find out more just keep reading my blog :)

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