Thursday, 31st January

Went to the gym again today with Ebba, we did a cardio class (spinning) which was super fun. I am going to the gym again tomorrow and then to Emely's boyfriends (Love) house for dinner which should be good.
I can't believe it's the last day of January already, it's gone so quick! It's crazy.
Anyway this is my friend Hanna, she is practicing for the song we are writing in music. She's very good at guitar. She has also got a very pretty blog. Check it out.

Dagens outfit

Another one of my new tops from Cubas. I think it's super pretty. Finished early again so I went to Josefines house wth Hanna and Ella because we have to write and perform a song in music and we haven't even finished writing the song. It's getting there though.. Then Hanna, Ella and I went to the gym. I went on the cross trainer for ten minutes s a little warm up and then Hanna and I did a fifty-five minute session of spinning(bikes) which was fun and good excercise. Note to self next time though, do not forget your shoes when youwill be doing a fifty-five minute session on a bike.
Just talked to mum on the phone and realised that my two little brothers are starting school again today after their summer holidays, Carl is starting highschool, hah.
For any readers from Australia the header just said 'Todays outfit'.

New top

This is the new top that I bought yesterday. I love it. I bought it in Bik Bok.
This week at school we finish at 14.00 everyday because we have parent teacher meetings. So good!

Outfit today

Today it was freezing again, -20! So Josefine and I went outside to take photos.. After school Line, Josefine, Lucas and I went down the street to buy Line's dad a birthday present. Then I went to the gym, I did some running and the I did Zumba which was fun. I ended up going to the gym by  myself because Hanna and Ella were sick, hopefully tomorrow they will be better.

Wednesday, 23rd January

Today it was super cold, -20! Then when we had a break Hanna and Celine decided they wanted to take some photos outside, I have never been so cold. My class has national tests soon so today they had a practice today. When I got home I had a hot chocolate to warm me up which was yummy. The other picture is what the class made in Home Economics for afternoon tea while we worked yesterday which was delicious.
Tomorrow I'm going to the gym again with Hanna and Ella and we are doing the Zumba class which should be fun.

Winter days

Laying in bed watching Gossip Girl, candles lit, tea, cosy, cosy.
Sorest legs ever after going to the gym again today with Hanna and Ella. I ran on the treadmill, went on the rowing machine, cross-trained and bike. Bit looking forward to tomorrow, I will be walking like a penguin. Pretty much me in their climate too, it was -18 today! Hopefully it will be a little warmer tomorrow.
Got to school an hour early today with Ebba because of the stupid changes in the bus times. But we were good and studied some maths, after taking pictures..


Getting fit at the gym! Today was just another normal day at school. After school I made dinner with Lotta, we made fish soup and bread which was really good. Tomorrow Ella, Hanna and I are going to the gym again. We are going to be working on our muscles because we have a school project. We have to choose something we would like to work on and get better at. We have to write out a training timetable and then follow it for six weeks at least three days a week. Should be fun.

New design

I know this is a bit late but this is my new design. Last weekend when I was at Hanna's house she fixed the design or me. I think it looks good, do you?
Today Hanna and I went to the gym. I went on the cross-trainer, rowing machine, treadmill and then I did a Zumba session which was hard but fun.
Monday tomorrow=school.


Love all of these photos! Little bit of inspiration for what I want.
Today I didn't really do much, just slept in, walked the dogs and watched One Tree Hill.
Tomorrow I'm planning I'm going to the gym and do a Zumba class with Hanna. I did Zumba on Thursday night after school which was great.

Getting fit

Today I went to the gym again. I did a Zumba session, a bit of running and stretching. Saw my cousin Karin there and her friends and we did the Zumba together which was fun but a little hard since it was the first time.
Training for that summer body already hah. Like they say 'No pain, No gain'. Planning on going to the gym again tomorrow. Hopefully Hanna and Ella get there gym cards soon so I don't have to be a loner.

Movie night

Yesterday after school Josefine, Hanna, Line, Celine and I all went to Ella's house and had a movie night. We watched 'Pearl Harbor', it was super good but so sad. Everyone was crying.

Today I went to the gym and did an hour session called 'Step up'. Was very good but I'm pretty sure my legs will be dead tomorrow.

Five months <3

Five months, half way!
Already been in Sweden for five months! I have had a great time these last five months and have experienced/learnt tons about Sweden. The language is finally getting good. I can understand and speak most Swedish now. Writing and spelling still not so good but there's still this half if the year. I have made some amazing friends that have made it that much easier. Hopefully the second part of the trip will be just as good or better!


Yesterday I spent the night at Hannas house. At night we made dinner, Salmon and paste which was pretty tasty considering that I'm not a very good cook. We then had a bit of a chick flick marathon of two movies. One of the Bring It Ons and The Lizzies Miguire movie which In hadn't watched since I was about ten. It used to be like my favourite movie.. lets just say that people grow up. It was still pretty good thougyh hah.
In the moring well afternoon Hanna and I made a super delicious breakfast. Took us a good half an hour to make but was really tasty and healthy. Hanna then helped me to fix my design because I have noo idea how to do it. Took her a good two hours making it to perfection. Thank you!


The cute little orange necklace is from my cousin. She made it herself, it's soo pretty! 
At the moment I'm watching a bit of One Tree Hill, being cosy on a Friday night.

So far..

Sorry for not blogging for ages, I was sick. Anyway..
I have almost been here for half the time. It's crazy!
These are just some of the great frineds I've made so far.

Friday, 4th January

Today I was at Hans' house again and will be spending the night here again.

Ella, Hanna, Josefine and I exchanged Christmas presents today. Super nice presents. I got this hair product from Hanna which smells super good and my hair is super soft!

Hans' house

Tonight I'm spending the night at my uncles house. I get this cute as room for the night.
Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my friends I exchange Christmas presents. I know it's a bit late but we didn't at the chance until now. Everyone was super busy before Christmas. Anyway keen as! Haven't seen any of my friends the whole holidays yet.

New Years Eve

On Sunday we drove up North four hours to Jarvso. We stayed in a really pretty little place with Loves family as well. On New Years Eve Emely, Lotta, Molly, Tina and I went into town for a nice lunch and a little bit of shopping. Emely and I then had a go at the snow scooter thing which was super cool!
 We had a really good dinner and desert. For desert we had this huge bowl of ice-cream, merenge, banana and chocolate sauce. Yuum!
Then when midnight struck we set of loads of fireworks. I thought it was super cool because in Australia it is illegal to have your own fireworks.
New Years Eve outfit.
Snow Scooter <3

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