My room

This is my room in Sweden. I absolutely love it ! When I got here the room wasn't even painted so I got to choose everything. On the first weekend we chose the wallpaper. After we did that we set up the room as you can see.
This is the bed set we ordered to match my wallpaper.
 A few little places in my room.
More cosy, cute, little places in my room. The fluffy little toys are from two of my friends, they gave them to me when I had my little going away dinner before I went to Sweden as an exchange student for 10 months. They are super cute!

Kommentar av: Anonym

You're super cute!?!?!

2012-10-16 | 08:11:12
Kommentar av: Kathryn

That's me by the way ;)

2012-10-16 | 08:12:03

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