Ingrid's ball

Today my cousin Ingrid had her ball, she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Was such a good day today, first we had sports day at school, then I went into town to buy my dress for the last day of school, then we went to have a look at Ingrid at her ball and then we went out for a great dinner. I’m actually totally exhausted now.

Tomorrow I will also have paintball with the class, then we will have a BBQ dinner and then many from the class will be sleeping in tents for the night which should be cosy.


last lesson in Sweden

So today was the last day of actual lessons at school before the summer holidays! Tomorrow we have our sports day, on Monday all of the classes have a completion with each other to see which grade is best at soccer and another sport that I'm not sure of the name in English and then at four we have our year 9s dinner. Then on Tuesday we are going paddling and then on Wednesday we will have our last day at school, not sure what we are doing though..
Today our class decided to have a water fight. Was so much fun! Everybody was absolutely drenched!

perfect day

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting in a while. I have just had so much to do and then on top of that I was sick yesterday. I found out yesterday that someone had hacked my email account so I couldn’t even log in to my account and delete it, so annoying because I have no idea what they are doing their either so if you get anything from this account it was NOT me.

Anyway enough of that, today was a great day. After school we rode to one of the highest points in town and took photos. Then at about 7.30pm Ella and I went for a 8km power walk which was quite relaxing and good exercise too. Now I’m going to try and get some sleep, super tired so will be updating you guys again soon.

Line, Ella and Josefine trying out some new moves.

Min resa

Jag ska berätta om min resa till Sverige.


Jag kom till Sverige med min mamma, dem två veckorna hon var har vi åkte runt södra Sverige och hälsade på varan familj. Efter det vi kom till Strängnäs, jag hälsade min nya familj for första gången och sen mamma lämnade mig och gick tillbaka till Australien till min pappa och två småbröder (Carl och Ben).


Jag kommer ihåg min första dag i skolan, jag har aldrig vart så rädd för ut. Jag kände ingen och kunde inte språket. Men det gick ganska bra för att efter dagen var slut jag hade fyra kompisar. Veckan efter kändes lite bättre men var ändå svårt för jag fattade nästan ingenting när lärarna pratade i klassrummet och jag kunde knappt läsa, någon behövde översätta hela tiden.


Jag kommer ihåg den första meningen jag kunde ’jävligt dåligt väder’, Ella, Hanna, Josefine och Celine lade mig det typ första veckan tror jag. Det var en bra första mening för att jag kan använda den nästan varje dag.


Jag kommer ihåg den första gången jag såg snö, jag var helt crazy, jag gick, nästan sprang runt och tåg jätte många kort när det var nästan ingen snö alls. När det kom snö på riktigt jag blev jätte glad för att jag aldrig hade sätt så mycket. Efter kanske en månad jag tröttnade på det, det var bara kallt och blött. När snön äntligen började smälta blev det is istället. Det var nästan värre för att jag ramlade hela tiden och det tog jättelång tid att gå.


Nu har jag varit i Sverige åtta månade. Jag har gjort jätte många pinsamma grejer i dem har åtta månade men har också ändras som en person. I början skulle jag aldrig ha vågat prata framför en grupp på svenska men har är jag, jag kunde aldrig tänka mig att jag kunde prata flytande svenska eller skriva på svenska. Men jag har inte lärt mig själv bara språket jag har lärt känner mig själv.


Det har är mitt tal som jag redovisade inför klassen. Jag är riktigt stolt over mig själv för det har. Den var den första svenska grejer som jag har redovisat på svenska och jag fick A! jag vet att det är inta alls perfekt men jag kan bara utvecklas. Var tycker ni om den?


spex foto

I totally forgot to upload a picture of my classes "spex foto". All the year 9s choose a theme and we all get dressed up in that theme, as you can hopefully see our theme was swimming/summer. Can you see me?
At the moment I have had loads of homework but by tomorrow it will finally be over because we have our last test and our last bit of homework. next week all of the grades will be set and then week after we only have a three day week, so they're are only 11 more days of actual school left until the summer holidays not including the weekends, can;t actually believe how fasts the year has gone!

today's outfit

So sorry for not updating for you guys in so long! I was going to yesterday but I have so much homework at the moment, sorry! But now I have so I hope you guys are happy. I loved my new top that I wore today, was so cute! Thinking of wearing a skirt tomorrow with it if it is warm enough!

new in

Bik Bok 49kr
Bik Bok 99kr
Cubus 199kr, do you see at they are called Emma?! I only saw this after I bought them!
My present from Karin from her trip to Greece, I love Victoria Secret!


A beautiful big park in Norway.

17th of May

traditional outfits the girls wear on the 17th of May to celebrate their national
In Norway each year on the 17th of May they celebrate their national day, it is a big day and everyone gets dressed up and celebrates over a long weekend.

road trip

Sitting in the car on my way to Oslo, Norway, half an hour done only about six to go. We are going today so we will be there in time for their national day tomorrow, it's supposed to be crazy busy and a great experience so you will all know that I will be taking lots of photos that you guys will be able to see later. I will try to do some phone blogging while I'm there but we will see if it works. Anyway I hope everyone ha a great weekend!

something new

I thought I would try out some new make up for the summer. I usually wear foundation and then powder but I thought for summer it would be nice to just wear a bit of a heavier powder. Can't wait to try it tomorrow. The brow pencil is the one I always use but I included it in the picture anyway because  I bought it today when I bought the powder.

decisions, decisions

As probably everyone knows Roggeskolan finished at 10.30 today because of some water problem at the school. Everyone was SO happy that we had finished so early. After we finished Ella, Josefine and I went to Josefine's house for morning tea, her mum had baked some delicious buns which we downed in seconds, very unladylike but still. Then we went into town and I bought some strawberries and then some snacks for our Stockholm trip tomorrow. Now I am watching the new movie 'Beautiful Creatures' which at the moment is quite good.

Some dresses I found at that I thought might be nice for my classes school graduation/finish type thing.
Which one do you like best?

day out


Sunday night again, why do they creep up on me so quickly? Well at least today was a good day, I went to my uncles house and then his wife, two kids and I went for a drive to this old castle that people lives in back in the 1600s. The estate was so pretty and huge! We also stopped for afternoon tea at a gorgeous horse estate, I had a prawn sandwich which was super yummy.

This week isn’t totally boring though, on Tuesday we are going into Stockholm to a museum I think and then going to the theatre and watching some play which will hopefully be a good day seeing as we start at eight and then don’t finish until four thirty. Then on Friday I won’t be going to school because I will be in Norway celebrating their national day.


new in

jeans shorts BikBok 299kr, training shorts H&M 99kr, casual shorts H&M 99kr, sports bra H&M 149kr
Yesterday I went into Stockholm with Ingrid, Emma, Karin and Olle. Ingrid drove most of the way to Stockholm but we ended up catching the last bit by train because Ingrid didn't want to drive all of the way in because of all of the traffic. Once we came in though we had a lovely lunch of sushi and after lunch we started to shop.

Grona Lund

Ella, Zara Larsson, me and Line
Hanna, Josefine, Ebba and I on the 100m high free fall ride.

Finally got time to upload the pictures of my trip to Grona Lund, was such a good day! As you can see in the first picture we met Zara Larsson which was pretty cool. For those of you who don’t know who she is she won Sweden’s got talent when she was only ten, she is now 15 and has produced an album which is very popular here in Sweden.

The rides in Grona Lund were so much fun! I think the best one would have to be eclipse, which is 150m high and once you get up that high it spins around and you are able to see the whole of Stockholm, I think it was the tallest of that kind of ride in the world! I could go on about how fun all of the other rides were but we would be here all day!


Me, Hanna, Ella, Josefine, Ebba (Line took the photo)

Yesterday as you all know my friends and I went to GronaLund, on the way there we stopped and had lunch in a beautiful spot in Stockholm. As you can see in the pictures it is such a gorgeous spot in the spring and does attract a lot of people. This time of year everyone that goes to Stockholm posts pictures of these flowers on Instagram pretty much so you know it is spring when you see them.


sneak peek of yesterday

Wow this week has just flown by! Yesterday was sooo fun! Ella, Josefine, Hanna, Ebba, Line and I went into Stockholm and spent the day at a theme park called Gröna Lund, I can't remember the last time I had that much fun! You will be able to get a proper blog post all about it a little bit later because at the moment I'm getting ready to go into Stockholm again but this time to do some well needed shopping. It's getting to be great weather here and I have no shorts so I will hopefully be finding some today! Busy weekend for me!

The girls and I yesterday.

1960s themed party


My full 60s outfit, I am not sure where the dress came from because I got it as a gift, the shoes were Ingrid’s, and the headband was from accessories, that I do know. I thought I pulled off the 60s look alright. What do you think? I wasn’t alive then so I’m not too sure but I think it was close.


On to the actually party, the party started around 6.30pm, we got served 60s food around 7.30pm, after dinner people held speeches for Kirsti and we watched some very touching power points. At about 10.00pm the band came and with that everyone started dancing and really got the party started. Was a great night and was fun meeting so many new people, there were quite a few people from Norway there as well because Kirsti is from Norway, was a bit of a challenge understanding them but it worked.


60s party

This is just a quick phone update, I have been so busy this weekend that I haven't had time to upload all of the pictures, this is the 60s outfit I wore yesterday to Kirsti's 50th. It was a great night with lots of dancing and loud music.

2nd of May



So it’s already May! I can’t believe it! Only one month left until I finish school and only two months until I will be flying back to Australia! Omg time flies!

Today was just a normal Thursday except we got to finish an hour early because all of the teachers had a meeting or something like that so Hanna and I headed off to the gym for a good session. When we had done our gym session we went into town and bought some strawberries, I love strawberries and I am so happy that they are back in season!

Tomorrow is Friday, so excited for the weekend! Kirsti is having her 50th birthday and everyone will be dressing up in the 1960s theme. I will be wearing a cute 1960s dress with a spotty headband with curly hair, hopefully I will be looking like a 60s girl.

jeans Dr Denium, top Gina Tricore, necklace Lindex
I would love to know what you guys think of all of the outfits I put together?



Top Bik Bok, jeans Dr Denim, shoes Primark

So yesterday it was the day of a Swedish tradition called ‘valborg’. Everyone pretty much gathers around a huge fire and welcomes the spring, well at least that’s what I got told. Ella, Josefine, Hanna and I had a yummy dinner at Ella’s house, then played a bit of singstar and then went into town to look at the fire. We then came home and watched a movie and ate dessert, very cosy night.


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