Finally arrived in Lund today, it was a five hour train trip. I mainly just listened to music, slept and ate candy. We arrived at about 18.30.
Tomorrow Karin and I are going to Copenhagen, Denmark for the day which should be fun! Got my alarm set nice and early. Not really sure what we will do, probably just explore a little.
I will hopefully be putting up photos of the room I am staying and Denmark tomorrow, we shall see what time I get back.
My latest Instagram updates, didn't really have any other pictures to put up, totally forgot to take pictures today!

summer where are you?!

I miss you summer, come back, soon?
So it is actually starting to get warmer again. I am wearing my spring jacket now and all of the ice is melting. So excited for it to be summer!
This is my friend Josefine's picture of a summer outfit, looks great! Follow her on Instagram @josefinejulia
Today I did my English presentation at school, was super nervous before but it went well so I am very relieved now. We also had swimming in school today which was fun but now I am totally dead, swimming does that to you I guess.
Tomorrow I am going to Lund with my cousin Karin, we have relatives in Lund. We will be staying there till Tuesday which should be super fun. I still need to pack but I guess I will do that in the morning. The train trip is about five hours so I did a little bit of food shopping and bought some snacks for the train ride.
Easter holidays!! One last thing, I hope everyone has a great holiday and I will be updating you on my trip to Lund.

today's outfit

new jeans from H&M, leather jacket from VeraModa
Was actually quite warm today so I had a bit of a spring outfit on. Really hoping it stays warm! It was Hanna's birthday today so yesterday Josefine and I made a chocolate cake after school and today we ate it at lunch time, was really good. She's going to Florida tonight, so jealous! Well she also has a blog, really great photographer! take a look

black/ white or colour

Todays outfit, top from London market, jeans from Dr Denium.
I wasn't really sure which effect I liked best so you guys get both. Which effect do you think is best?
What do you think about the outfit?

my weekend

The new watch that I bought a little while ago styled with a spiky bracelet from Lindex. (Don't mind my converse in the background. hah)
My yummy breakfast that I had this morning. Woke up at about ten and then just really relaxed for the rest of the day and did a little bit of homework. I did go to McDonalds for dinner as well which was very tasty, chicken nuggets for the win.
Yesterday I didn't really do much except go into town fro lunch with the Ek family, was very nice to catch up again,I hadn't seen them all in about a month or maybe more! H
Hope everyone else had a nice weekend, xo.

friday night

After school on Friday Josefine, Ella and I went to Ellas house to watch a movie and bake a little. We made this chocolate brownie sought of thing with a really delicious coconut topping on to that we had for dessert and for dinner we had toasts with salad. We watched a French movie which was really good, this guy couldn't feel from the neck down and couldn't move anything from the neck down so he had to have a person that cared for him all the time. There was a very funny black guy that cared for him, was very cute, can't remember what the movie was called though.


Yet again I'm studying, maths test tomorrow.
I'm off to Ella's house for dinner and a movie after school tomorrow which should be fun! Will be posting details about it tomorrow night hopefully.

study, study, study

There's only six more school days left until we have our one week holidays so we have tons of tests which equals lots of study. At the moment I'm studying maths but I have sports and a couple subjects left. Anyway good night everyone, xo

the big 50

Today Karins mum turned 50 so we had a nice dinner and dessert. I ended up buying her a very pretty tea cup from Josefines mums shop and then some organic chai tea to go with it and a cute heart shaped container for chocolates or something. It was very cold again today and started snowing again! I want all of the snow and ice to melt and for it to get warmer, am so ready for summer! Anyway up early again tomorrow so good night everyone, xo.

spa weekend

So here a just a few photos of my spa weekend, celebrated Karins mums 50th. Stayed in a really nice room and the spa/pool was amazing! A really relaxing weekend which was just what I needed. For dinner we had 7 courses which was a lot and a little bit crazy, the most I have ever eaten at one time was three courses! They were quite small though so I managed the 7. As you can see there is a picture of the menu, I'm not sure if you can read it because its quite small and in swedish but I have no idea what half of those ingrediants/foods are called in english, sorry! I have a super long sleep in tomorrow because my class had national tests and I don't have to do them so yeah. I hope everyone's having a great Monday!  

sock bun

So today I did something a little bit different with my hair, sock bun. It's actually super easy and all you need is a sock! Josefine actually had the same hairstyle so she's the other one in the picture.
At the moment I'm just watching the series 90210, just started it, it's great! Anyway I hope everyone's having a great Friday night! xo

my new room

Completely forgot to upload photos of my new room in my new house. Anyway here they are, my bed is huge and feels like you're sleeping on a cloud, I love it! My room is my haven, hah no but I really like it. At the moment I'm just watching 'Criminal Minds' quite creepy at times but still good.

new in

Got my 3 meter charger and iPhone charger today. I can finally lay in bed while charging my phone. Love my new cover as well.
At the moment I am starting with a little bit of homework, we have so much at the moment because we have a one week holiday for Easter in two weeks. Will be going to Lund for four days during this holiday with Karin which should be great fun!

hand made, by me

Pictures of the top I made in sewing at school. Can't wait until summer to wear it!
Just came back from the gym and had dinner which was fish. I have dance tomorrow for sport which should be fun. Then Hanna, Ella and I will be going to the gym after school.

details of todays outfit

top Vera moda, bra H&M, tube thing Vera moda
Just had afternoon tea, it was super cold again today and snowed a little bit more last night, just want all of the snow and ice to melt already, so ready for the summer! Planning on going to the gym a bit later with Karin get to use my new pants again, weow!
Played the piano at school today in music, we have groups of four and we have to choose a song to sing and play, my group is doing 'I'm yours' by Jazon Mraz, pretty good song actually and isn't too hard to play. I finally finished the top I'm making in sewing which actually looks pretty good, pictures will be uploaded later.

new in

Stadium, 299
So today I went to the gym and wore my new training pants I bought yesterday in Stockholm. I discovered today that there was a little pocket for your phone which has a little whole for your headphones which is super good because I always listen to music at the gym.
Just ordered a light pink 3 meter long iPhone charger, have been wanting one for so long, in a couple of days I will be able to charge my phone while laying in bed. Speaking of bed I'm super tired and have to get up early for school again tomorrow so good night, xo.

long weekend

On Friday after school I went to the gym with Hanna and Ebba. I ran and did a littkle bit of weights training. Then when I got home I got cosy on my little couch and watched some 'Pretty Little Liars'.
On Saturday I spent most of the day baking. Karin went to a surprise birthday party so she was baking and I joined in. As you can see I made a carrot cake which was delicious! karin got the recipe from some famous swedish girls website.
On Sunday Hanna and I went to the gym and did a session of Zumba and then a session of Body Pump, we were both super tired after that. We ate lolllies, chocolate, and popcorn while watching american pie, was a very cosy night.
Today Hanna, Celine and I went to Stockholm for the day, (my birthday present from those two). The train got cancelled so we had to catch the bus instead which took about an hour longer. Once we were in Stockholm we had sushi for lunch which was super good, I love Sushi! Then we watched a movie 'Ego' it was a swedish movie, it was really good, I cried. We then did some shopping, I bought some new jeans, training pants and a top, upload pictures tomorrow maybe. Celines mum works in sStockholm so we took the same train as her and she bought us McDonalds for dinner. Best day in a long time, thanks girls! <3

before and after

So as promised the before and after pictures of my hair.


So I woke up at 06.50am when my alarm doesn't even go off until 08.00am. I have heaps of time left before school starts so I thought I might read a little.
Today after school Hanna and I are going to go to the gym and do the 'Body Pump' session, kills me every time. I will be posting how my hair turned out tonight.

bright orange

Orange today, it was a little bit warmer again today, the grass is even starting to show up in places now, the spring is coming! Can't wait for it to be summer. In sewing at school I'm making a lacy black singlet which would be perfect for summer, I should be finished with it next week and will upload some photos for you guys. Was just watching some videos by the Janoskians (famous Australian boys on YouTube) they do pranks and dares. On one of there videos one of the boys is wearing a 'I love Swedish girls' top, haha. anyway you should check them out, they're super funny!

curly hair <3

 I woke up at seven when my alarm was set for nine this morning, the one day I get a sleep in my body wakes me up. So I decided to curl my hair, it was pretty much the first time I have curled my hair and it didn't look too bad so I was pleased. It took me about twenty-five minutes but I think if I have a little more practise it should only take about ten to fifteen minutes.
Hanna and I went to Ellas house after school and had a toastie with turkey, cheese, and tomato in which was yummy. We then went to the gym, I ran for about ten minutes and felt like I was going to spew which was really weird because I wasn't tired just felt sick, I didn't even eat dinner justa mango because I feel sick when I eat food, super weir, I really hope I am not getting sick. Anyway at the moment I'm just relaxing on my little couch, I hope every one had a nice day.

Tomorrows outfit

Just a look at what I will be wearing tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be starting school at 10.05 so I get a sleep in which is very nice. Just finished painting my nails aqua and red, looks pretty good. Since I have such a long time to get ready tomorrow I was thinking of curly my hair before school which will be interesting to see how long it actually takes. Off to the gym again after school with Hanna which should be good, I haven't been to the gym in for ages with her because she's been on holidays and been very busy. Well I'm off to read some of my book now, good night everyone, xo.

Viva La Juicy

Got a new perfume the other day which smells super good, I got it from Karin's mum when she got back from being in Spain for a week with work. I would love to visit Spain one day.


So as you can see I'm not wearing my winter jacket, I thought since it is finally spring I better ge rid of the winter jacket. It was a great day for it as well, plus three degrees. The only bad thing about it getting warmer is that the snow is melting and turning into ice which equals me landing  on my butt every five minutes. I honestly don't get how people can actually walk without falling over or slipping in this kind of weather.
Today I have just had school, I was supposed to be going to Stockholm after school with Hanna and Celine but we couldn't because Celine is sick, hopefully soon though because I really need to buy some new gym clothes. Speaking of gym I was supposed to be going today after school with Hanna after the change of plans with Stockholm but didn't because I had a headache. So I have pretty much just been spending my Friday night watching 'Pretty Little Liars' instead. Off to bed soon though because I am super tired, at least I get to sleep in because it's the weekend tomorrow. I have no idea what I am going to do on the weekend, if you have any interesting or exiting things you can do around Strangnas could you please comment them below, would be greatly appreciated!

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