Yesterday Celina, Hanna, Ebba and I went in to town to do a little bit of shopping. I bought a lot of nice things. I bought two cute, purple little candle holders for 10 kronor each, 150 pack of bobby pins for 10 kronor, an eyelash curler for 10 kronor, and a pack of hair ties for 10 kronor, from a shop called In & Finn.
I picked up two amazing necklaces from Veremoda for 10 kronor each when they were 200 kronor not on sale!
The dress I got was from Bik & Bok for 99 kronor on sale!
The scarf was from Monkey which was also on sale (50%) off for 90 kronor.
The last thing I got was a brown leather bag for 299 kronor.


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