Friday to Sunday

^^ This was supposed to be a picture of my gorgeous friend Hanna but she thought it was ugly so I was't allowed to post it, so I guess you're just stuck with me.

Friday- After school I went to Ella’s house, we watched ‘The Hunger Games’ while we ate toasted sandwiches for dinner and then ate melon and grapes dipped in melted chocolate for desert, was so delicious! After dinner we went for a walk with her dog Alice around the block, the weather was perfect.


Saturday- I just relaxed around home for most of the day and then I met up with Hanna and we ate sushi for dinner in town, as you all know I love sushi. After Hanna and I had sushi we came back to my place and watched a movie called ‘Pitch Perfect’, is a very new movie and I really love it, makes you just want to get up and sing and dance! Oh and if you have seen it you would have fallen in love with the character ‘fat Amy’, her character is hilarious! Then after the movie Hanna had to catch the bus home because she had golf today early in the morning.


Today I have just been doing some chores, cleaned my room, did the laundry, and stuff like that, that needs to get done on the weekend. After I was finished with my chores I went to the gym for a session of ‘Body Pump’ with Karin, as usual my body is a little dead. I made tacos for dinner which were yummy and then I have just been relaxing. I don’t start school tomorrow until 11:45 because my class has national tests again. Good for me though I guess, sleep in! I hope everyone has had a great weekend, xo



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