Ready for the weekend

About to go to bed, I'm sleeping in Emely's room tonight with her friend Frida because Emely's grandma is here so is sleeping in my room. Emely, Friday and I watched 'Wild Child' which is one of my favorite movies and we watched the last episode of 'Äkte människor' while eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream which was so good!
I'm having my little party/get together thing tomorrow for my birthday which should be good. Going into town with Magnus tomorrow morning to buy some yummy food for dinner. We are also going to be watching a movie (a chick flick) I have no idea which one though. Any ideas? Comment any good chick flick movies please, would be great!

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Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

2013-02-09 | 07:37:08
Kommentar av: Anonym

Mamma Mia (if you are in to ABBA)

2013-02-09 | 07:37:43
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Fin blogg :)

2013-02-09 | 12:10:08
Kommentar av: julia


2013-02-09 | 16:27:40

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