Yesterday I spent the night at Hannas house. At night we made dinner, Salmon and paste which was pretty tasty considering that I'm not a very good cook. We then had a bit of a chick flick marathon of two movies. One of the Bring It Ons and The Lizzies Miguire movie which In hadn't watched since I was about ten. It used to be like my favourite movie.. lets just say that people grow up. It was still pretty good thougyh hah.
In the moring well afternoon Hanna and I made a super delicious breakfast. Took us a good half an hour to make but was really tasty and healthy. Hanna then helped me to fix my design because I have noo idea how to do it. Took her a good two hours making it to perfection. Thank you!

Kommentar av: Josefine

Nice design, really cool :)

2013-01-13 | 22:49:58

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