Thursday, 31st January

Went to the gym again today with Ebba, we did a cardio class (spinning) which was super fun. I am going to the gym again tomorrow and then to Emely's boyfriends (Love) house for dinner which should be good.
I can't believe it's the last day of January already, it's gone so quick! It's crazy.
Anyway this is my friend Hanna, she is practicing for the song we are writing in music. She's very good at guitar. She has also got a very pretty blog. Check it out.

Kommentar av: hanna

tack Emma! vad söt du är <3

2013-02-02 | 00:14:47
Kommentar av: elin.

How does it feel to live in Sweden? You like? Is it too cold? :) So funny to have you here actually! :)

2013-02-03 | 11:27:00

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