So as you can see I'm not wearing my winter jacket, I thought since it is finally spring I better ge rid of the winter jacket. It was a great day for it as well, plus three degrees. The only bad thing about it getting warmer is that the snow is melting and turning into ice which equals me landing  on my butt every five minutes. I honestly don't get how people can actually walk without falling over or slipping in this kind of weather.
Today I have just had school, I was supposed to be going to Stockholm after school with Hanna and Celine but we couldn't because Celine is sick, hopefully soon though because I really need to buy some new gym clothes. Speaking of gym I was supposed to be going today after school with Hanna after the change of plans with Stockholm but didn't because I had a headache. So I have pretty much just been spending my Friday night watching 'Pretty Little Liars' instead. Off to bed soon though because I am super tired, at least I get to sleep in because it's the weekend tomorrow. I have no idea what I am going to do on the weekend, if you have any interesting or exiting things you can do around Strangnas could you please comment them below, would be greatly appreciated!

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you can always come to my house baby /stranger

2013-03-04 | 09:32:18

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