summer where are you?!

I miss you summer, come back, soon?
So it is actually starting to get warmer again. I am wearing my spring jacket now and all of the ice is melting. So excited for it to be summer!
This is my friend Josefine's picture of a summer outfit, looks great! Follow her on Instagram @josefinejulia
Today I did my English presentation at school, was super nervous before but it went well so I am very relieved now. We also had swimming in school today which was fun but now I am totally dead, swimming does that to you I guess.
Tomorrow I am going to Lund with my cousin Karin, we have relatives in Lund. We will be staying there till Tuesday which should be super fun. I still need to pack but I guess I will do that in the morning. The train trip is about five hours so I did a little bit of food shopping and bought some snacks for the train ride.
Easter holidays!! One last thing, I hope everyone has a great holiday and I will be updating you on my trip to Lund.

Kommentar av: Måns Sjöberg

Trevligt att träffa dig i bloggosfären, Emma!

2013-03-29 | 19:25:49

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