1960s themed party


My full 60s outfit, I am not sure where the dress came from because I got it as a gift, the shoes were Ingrid’s, and the headband was from accessories, that I do know. I thought I pulled off the 60s look alright. What do you think? I wasn’t alive then so I’m not too sure but I think it was close.


On to the actually party, the party started around 6.30pm, we got served 60s food around 7.30pm, after dinner people held speeches for Kirsti and we watched some very touching power points. At about 10.00pm the band came and with that everyone started dancing and really got the party started. Was a great night and was fun meeting so many new people, there were quite a few people from Norway there as well because Kirsti is from Norway, was a bit of a challenge understanding them but it worked.



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