2nd of May



So it’s already May! I can’t believe it! Only one month left until I finish school and only two months until I will be flying back to Australia! Omg time flies!

Today was just a normal Thursday except we got to finish an hour early because all of the teachers had a meeting or something like that so Hanna and I headed off to the gym for a good session. When we had done our gym session we went into town and bought some strawberries, I love strawberries and I am so happy that they are back in season!

Tomorrow is Friday, so excited for the weekend! Kirsti is having her 50th birthday and everyone will be dressing up in the 1960s theme. I will be wearing a cute 1960s dress with a spotty headband with curly hair, hopefully I will be looking like a 60s girl.

jeans Dr Denium, top Gina Tricore, necklace Lindex
I would love to know what you guys think of all of the outfits I put together?

Kommentar av: Anonym

Clothes are nice, but you are beautiful!

2013-05-03 | 12:54:39

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