Grona Lund

Ella, Zara Larsson, me and Line
Hanna, Josefine, Ebba and I on the 100m high free fall ride.

Finally got time to upload the pictures of my trip to Grona Lund, was such a good day! As you can see in the first picture we met Zara Larsson which was pretty cool. For those of you who don’t know who she is she won Sweden’s got talent when she was only ten, she is now 15 and has produced an album which is very popular here in Sweden.

The rides in Grona Lund were so much fun! I think the best one would have to be eclipse, which is 150m high and once you get up that high it spins around and you are able to see the whole of Stockholm, I think it was the tallest of that kind of ride in the world! I could go on about how fun all of the other rides were but we would be here all day!


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