My Tuesday

Jeans from Carlings, top from New Yorker, Necklace from Ur & Penn
Ella, Hanna and my afternoon tea.

Today was the first day this year that I rode my bike to school. So nice to be able to ride my bike to school again, it’s so much faster! And now I don’t need to go sliding everywhere on the ice or get stuck in the snow. Ella didn’t have her bike today so I gave her a ride on my bike. It went alright but we did go a little bit off road a couple of times though.

After school Ella, Hanna and I went to Ella’s house for afternoon tea before our gym session. We had these delicious smoothies that you can see in the picture above. In the smoothie we had raspberries and vanilla yogurt, added the kiwi and raspberries on top to make it look a little better for the photo. Today at the gym Ella, Hanna and I all did a twenty minute session on the cross trainer (absolutely kills your legs) and then were in the ‘relax room’ for a bit and trained a bit more. Didn’t train so long today because we didn’t have time, Hanna had to catch the bus and Ella had to be home by 17.30. Although I do have very sore arms and legs from my Body Pump session yesterday, actually feels good to be a little sore because then you know you have trained hard.

At the moment I am watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ again, inspiration!


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