How old are you?
I just turned 15 on the !0th of February.
How long will you be staying in Sweden for?
I will be going back to Australia in June or July sometime, I'm not really sure yet.
Do you like Australia or Sweden more?
That's a hard question to answer but I would have to say Australia because it's my home.
Will you continue blogging when you go back to Australia?
When I come back to Australia I plan to keep blogging and that way all of my friends here in Sweden will be able to see what I get up to.
Do you enjoy the Swedish winters?
I think this years winter is very pretty with all of the snow, I hate all of the ice though because I fall over all of the time. It is also a little colder than what I'm used to but I think Ii'm getting used to it!
Where abouts in Australia do you live?
I live in the state Victoria which is located in the South-East part of Australia on a farm. We have 26 thoroughbreds (race horses), 2 dogs, 11 hens and loads of cattle.
How does it feel to live in Sweden? Do you like it?
Sweden is a very pretty counrtry and I do like it.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have 2 little brothers, Carl (13) and Ben (10).
These were all of the questions I have gotten so far but if you have any more fell free to ask!

Kommentar av: Sara

Hi, and thanks for answering! I'm also from Australia (sunshine coast) but living in Strängnäs! haha

2013-02-14 | 19:36:19
Kommentar av: Emma

I'm another Emma, from Sweden but now living in Australia. I'm a lot older than you (27) but it's nice to read about what an Australian thinks of living in Sweden (I will take my Aussie husband there soon so I need to understand what it will be like for him haha). Ha det bra! :) Kran

2013-03-01 | 04:40:35

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