New house

So yesterday I moved in with my cousin Karin which happens to also be next-door to my friend Josefine which is pretty cool. When I arrived I found a couple of little presents lying on my huge bed, the face kit and these socks. Alot of socks made by this brand have little quotes on them that remind you to be good to people and stuff like that which I think is very good and super cute. The whole quote on the blue pair of socks is ''Work hard and be nice to people'' and the whole quote on the purple pair of socks is ''Do it with passion or not at all''.
Today Karin and I cleaned out my room some more to make room for all of my stuff. I came to Sweden with just my huge purple bag but now I have that bag plus millions of little ones aswell, I have no idea how I'm going to make it back to Australia with all of my stuff I have picked up here in Sweden! Anyway after cleaning my room out a little we all went food shopping and then had lunch in Stallarholmen which was yummy. For the rest of the the day I didn't really do anything except pack in all of my clothes into the wardrobe until Karin and I made Hamburgers for dinner which tasted pretty good and now I'm just watching some Norwegien series on TV. Little bit hard to read the Swedish subtitles quick enoúgh while blogging in English. I'm so tired but before I go to bed I need to read some more 'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare, homework I have to do for English in Australia.
Tomorrow is the last day of the holidays! I can't believe it has been a whole week already. I'm not really going to do anything tomorrow except finish unpacking and then maybe Josefine will come over for a little bit to see my new room and everything, she comes back from her little skiing trip in Germany tomorrow.
Have a great last day of your holidays everyone, xoxo.


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