Sunny days

Strike a pose everyone.
Don't mind my face, I was just telling Ella that she shouldn't be so tall because she was making me look really small in the photo because she's so tall, gorgeous too though.
So it was a very nice day today, the sun was out and it was actually not freezing! Today was the first day back at school after the one week off we had which is called 'sportlov' in swedish which is 'sport holiday' so most people go skiing somewhere for the week. Ella the other blonde one in the photo went to France for the week to go skiing and Josefine the one with the brown hair went to Germany for the week to ski and she also tried out snowboarding which was very hard apparently. Not everyone goes skiing and not everyone goes out pf the country but a lot do, I think it is very cool. In Australia people hardly ever leave the country because it ta´kes so long and costs so much but in Sweden people go out of the country for holidays all the time it seems. Pretty cool.

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Gorgeous girls and gorgeous weather!!

2013-02-26 | 10:19:55

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