picture taken by my friend Ebba, you should take a look at her blog, www.ebbakarrholmen.blogg.se
picture taken by my friend Viktoria, take a look at her tumblr www.viktoriajk.tumblr.com
Everyone after our round of paintball. Was so fun but so scary! Quite a few ended up with bruises but luckily I didn't even get hit.
Me and Hanna, sneaky photo taken by Josefine, she also has a great instagram (josefinejulia)

Yesterday my class (9B) and I went on a trip for a paintball session which was so much fun! Then we all had pizza for lunch and then just sat around and relaxed for a while.

After our paintball day out the whole class then re-grouped at Amina’s house for a BBQ dinner and then a few stayed over and tented in her backyard for the night which turned out to be super cosy.


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