pictures from left to right
1, ice-cream that I bought and ate with the family yesterday// 2, my outfit from Friday, was wearing my cute as shorts that I bought from H&M// 3, my last day of school dress from VeraModa// 4, the girls and I at our year 9 dinner// 5, my gorgeous cousin at her ball// 6, me posing on one of the highest places in Strangnas// 7, just a casual selfie// 8, my amazing Emma jeans (haven't actually worn them yet but i will soon!)// 9, random outfit picture, was wearing my new top from Bik Bok
10, Victoria Secret perfume I got from Karin when she came back from Greece// 11, favourite shorts and a delicious mango smoothie, picture taken when I was in Oslo, Norway// 12, my countdown to how many days unitl I am back in Australia (only 24 left!!!) 13, the girls and I on our way to the train station after our trip to GronaLund// 14, the girls and I on a super pretty street in Stockholm// 15, the girls and I when we met the one and only Zara Larsson at GronaLund// 16, delicious waffles i made// 17, my usual breakfast smoothie// 18, one of my beautiful best friends Hanna
19, another selfie// 20, my favourite ice-cream// 21, another outfit picture// 22, same outfit picture nearly// 23, Celine, Amina and I at a little cafe in Eskiltuna// 24, me before Hannas 16th birthday party// 25, chocolate!!// 26, yet another selfie// 27, strawberries in a cute heart container
28, smooooothies at Ellas house// 29, me just being my normal self// 30, All of Karins friends at her birthday dinner// 31,afternoon tea// 32, couple of pretty things I bought from my trip to Lund and Denmark// 33, Toves nailpolish collection// 34, a cafe I found in Denmark named after me// 35, candyyy// 36, outfit pictures
So these are all of my latest updates to instagram, you should check it out #emmachristinagarrett (make sure to follow me)


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