curly hair <3

 I woke up at seven when my alarm was set for nine this morning, the one day I get a sleep in my body wakes me up. So I decided to curl my hair, it was pretty much the first time I have curled my hair and it didn't look too bad so I was pleased. It took me about twenty-five minutes but I think if I have a little more practise it should only take about ten to fifteen minutes.
Hanna and I went to Ellas house after school and had a toastie with turkey, cheese, and tomato in which was yummy. We then went to the gym, I ran for about ten minutes and felt like I was going to spew which was really weird because I wasn't tired just felt sick, I didn't even eat dinner justa mango because I feel sick when I eat food, super weir, I really hope I am not getting sick. Anyway at the moment I'm just relaxing on my little couch, I hope every one had a nice day.

Kommentar av: AMYCA

Nice blog! :)

2013-03-05 | 22:33:16

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