long weekend

On Friday after school I went to the gym with Hanna and Ebba. I ran and did a littkle bit of weights training. Then when I got home I got cosy on my little couch and watched some 'Pretty Little Liars'.
On Saturday I spent most of the day baking. Karin went to a surprise birthday party so she was baking and I joined in. As you can see I made a carrot cake which was delicious! karin got the recipe from some famous swedish girls website.
On Sunday Hanna and I went to the gym and did a session of Zumba and then a session of Body Pump, we were both super tired after that. We ate lolllies, chocolate, and popcorn while watching american pie, was a very cosy night.
Today Hanna, Celine and I went to Stockholm for the day, (my birthday present from those two). The train got cancelled so we had to catch the bus instead which took about an hour longer. Once we were in Stockholm we had sushi for lunch which was super good, I love Sushi! Then we watched a movie 'Ego' it was a swedish movie, it was really good, I cried. We then did some shopping, I bought some new jeans, training pants and a top, upload pictures tomorrow maybe. Celines mum works in sStockholm so we took the same train as her and she bought us McDonalds for dinner. Best day in a long time, thanks girls! <3


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